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The Professionals in Leeds 

First time going to see a gig in a very, very long time, so it was wonderful for it to be one full of friends at the recent Professionals show in Leeds.

I had the privilege of singing on the 'What in The World' album a few years back.

Great to see my old band mates Rich Jones and Chris Catalyst along with my former Hey! Hello! bestie Toshi 

Even got to jump up on stage for a bit of 'Not Your Stepping Stone'.  

Fun fun fun

Spitting Image! 

¡Fun singing news alert! 

I recently got in touch with my inner Mezzo-Soprano and recorded a bit of French opera for the season 2 premiere trailer of Spitting Image! Check it outtttttt below friends! 


The Dowling Poole - The Saccharine Drip 

New York, London, Paris, Munich 

Everybody talk about — POPMUUUUSICCC! 

I supplied a bunch of backie vocals on the latest power pop endeavoring from the talented boyos of The Dowling Poole! Have a listen, megafrins!

Quick trip to Maine with Toshi! 

Just got back from a quick trip to Maine with my old bandmate Toshi, for Scott Sorry's surprise 40th Birthday party! Much fun was had by all and I spent much of the week introducing Toshi to many American snacks!! Here's a photo of Toshi and Scott!



Recording with The Professionals  

I was thrilled to pop into the studio for the day to add some backing vocals on a couple of tracks for The Professionals new album, "What In The World.  It is their first album in 35 years(!) and features Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), Paul Myers and the brilliant song writer and frontman Tom Spencer.  You can hear me on the ballad "Bad Baby" along with some vocal weirdness on "Extremedura" (which also features Mick Jones from the Clash).  

The album is due out on October 27th from all good record stores!  You can also Pledge for it directly from the band here.


Peeling' Back My Bawkin!? 

So, what do you DO when you are stuck in a recording studio for 5 weeks in the middle of sheepy green Wales? You mean BESIDES invent a nonsense song to the tune of "Southern Freeez" (by obscure UK disco funk band Freeez), record the nonsense song in a separate studio away from where actual work is happening, and then spend HOURS filming a super high concept music video??  

Prepare ye for "Peeling Back My Bawkin," a song made possible by Jon Poole's boundless capacity for weirdness (he was arguably the chief architect of this project), studio stir-craziness and totally unnecessary albeit impressive levels of commitment from everyone involved.  

I feel such pride.

Camden Rocks with Fierce Ideas 

As you may or may not know, the bonafide boyfriend material known collectively as FIERCE IDEAS have asked me to go steady....and of course I said yes! (Enough with the furtive glances and bashful smalltalk in the halls––let me wear your varsity letter jacket and go order us a milkshake already!)  

Of the romantic dream dates we currently have on the books, I am particularly psyched to learn that we've been added to this year's Camden Rocks Festival line-up on June 3rd!  

Gahhh, my [five-headed] boyfriend is just the BEST.   
He BETTER ask me to prom.