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Spitting Image! 

¡Fun singing news alert! 

I recently got in touch with my inner Mezzo-Soprano and recorded a bit of French opera for the season 2 premiere trailer of Spitting Image! Check it outtttttt below friends! 


Lockdown fun with Tim McMillan and Rachel Snow 

A lockdown cover of Julie Miller's beloved folk tune 'By Way Of Sorrow' featuring two of my favourite musical people from the land down under, Tim McMillan and Rachel Snow. 

Special thank you to Elliot Vaughan for mixing our lil tune.

Peeling' Back My Bawkin!? 

So, what do you DO when you are stuck in a recording studio for 5 weeks in the middle of sheepy green Wales? You mean BESIDES invent a nonsense song to the tune of "Southern Freeez" (by obscure UK disco funk band Freeez), record the nonsense song in a separate studio away from where actual work is happening, and then spend HOURS filming a super high concept music video??  

Prepare ye for "Peeling Back My Bawkin," a song made possible by Jon Poole's boundless capacity for weirdness (he was arguably the chief architect of this project), studio stir-craziness and totally unnecessary albeit impressive levels of commitment from everyone involved.  

I feel such pride.